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Fat-Melting Injections

An Innovative Vit C based Solution


Fat-Melting Injections

R2950 – R4500

A safe and innovative Vitamin C based treatment for stubborn pockets of fat.

Fat-Melting Injections: Areas that can be treated include double chins, cheeks, thighs and belly rolls.  A vitamin C derived treatment called Ceccarelli solution is injected directly into the fat pockets, this causes the body to absorb the fat over a period of about a week.

This is an innovative new fat-melting solution that differs from Deoxycholate (lipodissolve) in that it does not cause death of fat cells, instead the fat cells are absorbed by your body.

Death of fat cells can result in inflammation, pain and even ulcers. This makes Ceccarelli solution safer and more effective.

Perfect for jowls, double chins, love handles, saddle-bags, thighs, bat wings and knees. A safe and much more cost effective method of treating stubborn, hard to lose fat.

Please note this is not a general weight loss solution.