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Skin, Warts, Moles & Fungal Treatments

Sunspots - Xanthelasma - Rosacea - Haemangeomas
Sun / Age Spot Removal

R900 – R7500 Depending on depth and number of lesions. Actinic Keratosis (Sun Spots) can be removed with the state of the art Er:Yag Laser. Actinic Keratosis have potential to turn into basal Cell Carcinomas. Laser is an effective and precise method to treat sun spots safely. local anaesthetic is injected under the sun spots before treatment. For significant numbers of lesions , resurfacing the whole affected area is sometimes preferable. It is never good to leave rough/pigmented spots undiagnosed as they could be malignant, also remember that the smaller a sunspot is the faster it will heal after treatment.

Nail Fungal Treatment

R850 – R2000  Depending on number treated. Toe / Nail fungal infections are resolved using Nd:Yag Laser. This is a very effective method of treating fungal infections, as opposed to topical applications that take months! The oral antifungal treatments also have to be taken long term and can cause side effects.

Skin Tags

R900 – R7500  Depending on number. Skin Tags are removed by Er: Yag Laser. Wounds heal very quickly due to the precise controlled nature of the laser.

Acanthosis Nigricans

R900 – R5000 Depending on number to be treated. Acanthosis Nigricans can be treated with Er:Yag Laser. As with Skin tags, this is a good method of treatment due to the precise nature of the laser.

Haemangiomas (Spider Naevi)

R900 – R4500 Depending on number to be removed. Haemangiomas and Spider Naevi can be treated using Nd:YAG Laser. Nd:YAG heats up the blood in the Haemangioma/Spider Nevus causing the Naevi to shut down. In darker skin types sclerotherapy can be used instead of laser.These lesions are little red or purple blebs that often protrude from the surface of the skin, pressing them makes them disappear for a few seconds. They can also occur on the lips.


R2000 – R3500 Per Treatment (May need up to 3 treatments) . Rosacea can be treated using Nd:Yag Laser. Broken veins, redness and nodular lesions can all be effectively treated. There is no downtime associated with the treatment.

Acne Scarring

R3500 – R9000 Acne scarring can benefit from a combination of laser and other treatments. Acne scarring can be treated very effectively with a variety of laser treatments. Peels and micro-needling are also available for darker skin types that cannot be treated with laser. The type of scarring, depth and available downtime to the patient will determine the most effective method of treatment.

Acne Treatment

There are many ways to treat acne.  From prescription medications to topical applications and can also be treated by laser. Active acne can be treated with laser therapy. Certain forms of acne respond very well to laser treatment. Creams, peels, systemic treatment/Pills (hormonal, antibiotics or Isotretinoin) are all options when dealing with acne.

 Fungal Nail Treatments

Nail Fungus Treatments – Onychomycosis

Definately the most effective treatment for nail fungus!

Why wait months for expensive topical preparations to get the job done? Laser treatment of nail fungus is fast and effective.