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Testimonials - 1

“I’m delighted to have found this clinic.”

I came here initially as I wanted to have some work done on my skin, I chose here as it has a very good reputation locally, I’m glad to say that his reputation is justified, I’ve been here 3 times already and I’m returning tomorrow for some more treatment.

My first impression of the clinic lived up to my expectations. The clinic is run in a professional manner. The doctor is very personable and you don’t feel like just another number here which is very nice. He takes his time and is just overall a brilliant doctor.

The treatments themselves are superb value and they really deliver on everything. The prices online were the exactly same as I was charged, I had dermapen, treatment for wrinkles and facial treatments. The doctor was very honest also, I initially came looking to get fractional co2 laser treatment, which was twice the price of the treatments I received, but the doctor told me I didn’t need it. The follow up care has been superb also, at every visit the doctor has asked me how I’m getting on and has also checked in between visits too.I highly recommend this clinic”

Treated by: Dr Scott Barker-

Treatment Received: Dermapen™ – Treatment for Wrinkles


Testimonials - 2

I was impressed with the service and how quickly he could remove the mole

“I thought I had a wart but a consultation with Dr Barker revealed that it was a mole. I was relieved when he said that he could remove it immediately.
I was impressed with the service and how quickly he could remove the mole.”

5 STAR Review from Jasmine Mohidin 30 July 2018

Treatment Received: Mole Removal


Testimonials - 3

“The procedure was absolutely painless and I didn’t need any follow-up’s”

The advertising for Dr Barker looked really good, so I booked a wart removal appointment with him. I really appreciated how honest the doctor was: When he learnt it was something less severe than a wart, I was given a discount. I thought he was really good. If I ever need any more work done, I’d go back.

I thought Dr Barker was really cool. His clinic is in a nice environment as well. The procedure was absolutely painless and I didn’t need any follow-up’s. He did a good job; I’d recommend him to others.

5 STAR Review from Ameen 16 July 2018

Treatment Received:  Mole removal

Testimonials -4


“Today I had my first Sclerotherapy treatment for my Varicose veins. This was a great experience.

Dr Barker was good and very professional. He replies immediately on messages anytime of the day.

This gave me peace of mind. He answers all of my questions.

Happy patient, happy doctor.”

 Treatment Received: Varicose Veins Treatment

Treated By: Dr Scott Barker 


Testimonials - 5


“My first visit was amazing”

I just went for a consultation but I was very impressed. Dr Barker answered all my questions.

I am very happy with him and can’t wait for my first treatment.

Treatment Received: Varicose Veins Treatment

Testimonials - 6


“Go here for 100% results.”

“I received laser treatment for rosacea on my face. The treatment was very effective.

Dr Barker is very professional and goes for 100% results.”

Treated By: Dr Scott Barker – Treatment Received: Rosacea Treatment.


Testimonials - 7


“Dr Barker is very gentle and helpful” – Jay 

“I went for a consultation to discuss having xanthelasma removed. The consultation was professional and clear, and the cost was discussed. The cost was very reasonable, and I agreed to it without hesitation.

After that the doctor anaesthetised my lower eyelids. It was painless except for a very slight stinging under the right eye. I didn’t feel it at all under the left eye. Dr. Barker led me to a table and explained the procedure to me and how long it would take. It was over within half and hour, and although he advised me that my eyes might be very swollen the next day they were not. I experienced very little swelling, and almost no bruising.

I would recommend this doctor to anyone for removal of xanthelasma. After nine days, my eyes are healing very well, and the problem is gone. Highly recommended, and much easier to get rid of the problem than I had suspected. I will return for a follow up consultation as agreed.

I chose this clinic because the website had very good reviews. I thought I would decide at the time of the consultation if I would choose this doctor or not. That’s exactly what I did.”

Testimonials - 8


“I must say I am completely satisfied with the treatment and results” – Tre 

“I have had Xanthelasma under my eyes for over 7 years. Make-up covered it with little to no success. So needless to say, having Xanthelasma really started to wear on my self-esteem. I would go days without even looking at myself in the mirror because it would depress me. I had looked online and asked different professionals about where to go to get them removed. No one seemed to know what to do with them. So, one day I was researching online again and I just happened across Dr. Baker. I wrote him about the condition and sent pictures. He said he could most definitely help and he did!

He was over an hour away from where I stay but it was well worth the drive, money, and time. The price was more than reasonable even without having medical aide.

It has been a couple months since he removed them and only had to laser them twice to completely get rid of them. I must say I am completely satisfied with the treatment and results.”

Treated By: Dr Scott Barker – Treatment Received: Xanthelasma

Testimonials - 9


“I am very satisfied so far” – Jeane 

“I can highly recommended Dr Scott Barker for aesthetic and laser procedures. I am very pleased with the pre-treatments already.

He is very trusting, professional, helpful and accommodating. He phoned me back personally and immediately after my email inquiry and I booked a consultation in the same week. He is readily available for advice. He was very thorough, explained every procedure needed.

He went over and above to make the experience pleasant and to achieve the best ultimate results.  I am very satisfied so far. I will definitely go back.”

Treatment received: Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation, Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Treated By: Scott Treatment Received:


Testimonials - 10


“I can definitely see that my lips have been enhanced thanks to Dermal Fillers” – Karen

“46 years old. Subtle lip fillers and very minimal treatment for wrinkles. To this day, nobody knows I had any work done although I can definitely see that my lips have been enhanced. Very discreet and professional service from Dr Barker.

He is extremely knowledgeable and does not push products or services if he feels that you a) do not need them b) should not get them! In this world where everyone is in search of procedures to stop the clock or turn back the hands of time, one can go overboard and an unscrupulous doctor would jump at the opportunity. Dr Barker is the exact opposite of that (although he definitely knows how to pause the inevitable course of ageing!).”

Treatment Received: Dermal Fillers and Treatment for Wrinkles.

Testimonials - 11


“It took less than a half an hour to remove my skin tags” Maureen – Congo

“I needed to have skin tags removed. I called the clinic, it was a last minute decision as my plans had changed.

Dr Barker was able to accommodate my request at short notice. I had the skin tags removed in the surgery, if I recall in less than an hour.I want to visit again but I am not sure when my next visit to Cape Town will happen. Hopefully I will be able to book in advance.

The clinic is centrally situated in Sea Point, minor surgery can happen at the time of the visit. Clean, small and organized.”

Treatment Received: Skin Tag Removal.




Testimonials - 12

“I will definitely go back”  Genevieve – South Africa

“I would highly recommended Dr Scott Barker for cosmetic treatments. I was very happy with the overall treatment . He is very professional and helpful. I will definitely go back.

Treated By: Dr Scott Barker- Treatment Received: Dermal Fillers.





Testimonials - 13


“Really great experience” Lara – South Africa

“Dr Barker called me back personally and the experience of his expertise was incredible during my consultation.

He was very thorough, explained every procedure needed and recommended in his honest opinion what is required. Really great experience and I would certainly recommend his services.”

Treated By: Scott – Treatment Received: Dermal Fillers.






Testimonials -14

“Knows what he is doing” – Lynn (South Africa)

“I had on my eye lids those white marks called xanthelasma and doctor Barker removed it with his laser procedures. Well having something removed cost money so if you want it done, you have to pay. I had a cyst on my back and doctor looked at it and cut it out immediately.

Doctor Baker was the first doctor who replied even called me on my cell and I thought that quite nice of him going though all that to help me, so I made the appointment and went, not sorry I went, his quite approachable and knows what his doing. I will go back or refer him to friends and family any time.”


Testimonials - 15

“I got treatment for rosacea from Dr Barker.”

It was superb value for money. I am VERY HAPPY with the end results. I have full confidence in Dr Barker and can fully recommend him.”

Treated By: Dr Scott Barker – Treatment Received: Rosacea Treatment.